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About Mod Controllers

Modded controllers were born during the release of the Xbox 360 and ps3 consoles into the market. Now that the xbox one and ps4 consoles are out on the market today people are already aware that they can have mod controllers for the next generation gaming systems.

Modded controllers were created in order to give you a advantage over your opponents in first person shooters like call of duty. You can also perform actions quicker and shoot at fast fire rates with rapid fire.

122 Kills Nuketown Gameplay Playing Hardpoint Black Ops 3

122 Kills Nuketown Gameplay Playing Hardpoint Black Ops 3

Battlefield Hardline Team Deathmatch Gameplay

Battlefield Hardline Team Deathmatch Gameplay

Battlefield Hardline Squad Team Deathmatch Gameplay Video Part 1 Of 2

Battlefield Hardline Squad Team Deathmatch Gameplay Video

The Best PS4 Controller On The Market Right Now

The Best PS4 Controller On The Market Right Now!

Yes the title is a little bit full on, but that is honestly how I feel. The good folks at Mods “R” Us, hooked me up with one of their fantastic PlayStation 4 modded controllers and I have been putting it through its paces this last week.

The Master Modded PS4 Controller that they have here can be purchased in a few different colors. I got the blue one, but they all look neat. I play a lot of first person shooters, but it was mainly with Call Of Duty, Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare.

To start with the mod that I got the most out of was drop shot. The idea here is that when you shoot, your guy drops to the floor. I have tried this tactic without the mod and I always screw it up. Having it already mapped to the controller though was awesome.

Quick scope and fast reload were another two of the mods that were of a great help to me and I have to admit that during a game of Team Deathmatch in Infinite Warfare I was on fire, just taking other players down left and right.

There are a ton more different mods on this controller and turning them on and off could not be any easier. Also, you can even just use this as a regular old controller which is a nice touch.

If you are a PS4 gamer, I can promise you that you will have a ton of fun with this and if you are looking or the edge in your first person shooters then you will struggle to top this. Also be sure to ask the folks at Mods “R” Us any questions you have as they are awesome dudes and very helpful.


Call Of Duty WW2 Story Mode Looks Epic

Call Of Duty WW2 Story Mode Looks Epic

Here at Mods “R” Us, we love the multiplayer aspect of first person shooters, which is evident by our epic, Xbox One controllers, PC controllers and PS4 controllers. But we also love a good story mode and we have always felt that the Call Of Duty series never gets the credit it deserves for the fantastic stories that they tell.

Well after E3 there has been quite a lot of talk about the story mode in Call Of Duty WW2. One of the best things about the new story is that Sledgehammer Games are going all out. From the trailers and from what was said at EA Play.

The story in Call Of Duty WW2 is going to be like a Michael Bay action movie with a little sprinkling of Steven Spielberg. Honestly to us, this sounds awesome.

The campaign in the Call Of Duty series is at its very best when it is big, loud and full of a ton of amazing explosions and set pieces and we are very excited to see how they bring this to World War 2. Some have questioned if the campaigns in Call Of Duty have “heart” but we feel that is just ridiculous.

The campaign in a Call Of Duty game should not be some cinematic masterpiece that is looking for an Oscar! It should be a big budget action movie style story that is just balls to the wall action and that certainly looks like what we have with Call Of Duty WW2!

6000+ Mode Controllers Xbox One Customer Review

6000+ Mode Controllers Xbox One Customer Review

Hey, guys, I was recently given the chance to check out the 6000+ Mode Controllers Xbox One  and wanted to share my thoughts on it. Thanks to the guys at Mods “R” Us for letting me try the controller out.

The first thing I want to mention is the price, at under 100 bucks this is one of the cheapest fully modded controllers you will ever see! But even at the low price, the feel of the thing is just so solid that it really does feel great in your hands. The Xbox One already had a pretty damn good controller and this just makes it even better.

There is just a ton of different mods you can turn on and off with ease, but a couple of the highlights for me are the auto aim in zombies mode which let me get further than I ever would on my own! This was awesome as I have always wanted to get to the later levels. There are various mods that make playing as a sniper much easier. I used Sniper Breath quite a lot and it really did help me get a few more kills.

As well as playing a ton of Call Of Duty with this I also used it for Gears Of War 4 and there is even a special Active Reload mod just for GOW which makes nailing the active reload happen every single time. I even have used this controller with other games, with the mods turned off and it feels fantastic.

If you want more from your Xbox One controller then the 6000+ Mode Controllers Xbox One is the way to go. It is very easy to use and they even have some cool LED light customization options to choose from. The guys at Mods “R” Us are really cool and will also help with any questions you have.


What You Need To Do Before You Start A Game Of COD

What You Need To Do Before You Start A Game Of COD!

Today we are having a little fun. As you know we offer the best quality and best priced modded controllers for PC,PS4, and Xbox One. We also have a ton of other cool stuff as well. Call Of Duty is a game that most of us here in the Mods “R” Us office have put hundreds and hundreds of hours into. Rather than give you the basic COD tips you already know. Today we are looking at the things you need to do before you play Call Of Duty to make sure your gaming sessions ready!


No not in your pants, but go to the bathroom before you start. Most Call Of Duty games have about ten screens before you even get to the main menu so fire the game up and then go! You do not want to have to run out of the middle of a game, cause you drank too much Pepsi.

Snacks Are A Must

Look, we all know that one game of Call Of Duty can turn into three then five and then before you know it a couple of hours have passed. Do not let yourself waste away! Have a good selection of snacks ready and waiting, hell even just having a pack of cookies will work. You just do not want to have to leave the game to go into the kitchen because you are starving.

Get Ready For Fun!

Seriously! Far too many folks take COD way to serious and forget it is all about having fun. When you fire up the game (whichever one it may be) make sure you are in the mindset of it going to be fun. Do not get all hung up on the K/D. Just focus on having some fun and be ready to mute any players who are getting on your nerves, but do not be scared to strike up a conversation with a dude or girl who seems cool!

Call Of Duty WW2 Go back time when its feet were on the ground

Call Of Duty WW2 go back in time when its feet were on the ground

Call Of Duty WW2

Call Of Duty WW2

COD: WW2 -  Go back time when its feet were on the ground. You start playing threw many european countries.  This squad based action you must work with your squad if you hope to live another day.

Players take control of Private Ron Daniels he is fresh out of boot camp soldier thrust into some of history's most biggest conflicts known to man.

The standard player campaign experience is a completely different co op campaigns are available for players looking  for a new kind of gaming experience.

The multi-player places your character into a division allowing you to start in the lower ranks. As you play more you will move up the ranks to open new options. 

War mode puts players against each other in full combat.

Cod will  focus on objective based game play. The head quarters forms a social area for players and the lobbies of past call of duty titles.

Multi Kills Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Gameplay Video

Multi Kills Gameplay Video Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

Ruthless Gameplay Video Multi Kills Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

Ruthless Gameplay Multi Kills Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

Sniper Gameplay Video Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered

Sniper Gameplay Video Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered

Battlefield 1 Tips

Battlefield 1 Tips

Hey guys today here at Mods “R” Us, we want to share with your our Xbox One and PS4 controllers and also give you a few Battlefield 1 tips which along with our modded controllers will make sure you have the edge in Battlefield 1.

Spot Your Enemy!

Spotting is one of the best things you can do in Battlefield 1 and not enough people do it! We have a mod on our controllers that can handle this automatically. But even without this, you need to be spotting and letting your teammates know who is on the battlefield!

Horses Can Be Annoying!

Dealing with an enemy on a horse can be brutal. But it is actually a lot easier to deal with than many people think. The way around it is by not focusing on the horse, but instead the rider. 99/100 a horse will have more HP than the rider, so take out the rider.

Pay Attention To Capture Points

When you take a capture point your first instinct is to just high tail it to the next one. But it is worth just waiting around for a small moment as most of the time some kind of vehicle or something else will spawn in for the team that has taken the capture point. If you take off as soon as you have taken the capture point then you will miss out.

Do Not Quit!

If you have played even just a little bit of Battlefield 1 then you know all about Battlepacks. Well, the only people who get a battlepack are those who actually stick out the whole game and stay around until the end! So if you want to be in with a chance of getting a battlepack and scoring something really cool then do not quite before the match is over. 

Play Battlefield 1… At Night!

Play Battlefield 1… At Night!

Sorry for that rather obscure, SpongeBob Squarepants reference, but EA blew people away with their latest reveal about Battlefield 1. Here at Mods “R” Us, we talk a lot about Call Of Duty. But our Modded PlayStation 4 controllers and our Modded Xbox One Controllers are just as well equipped and popular for Battlefield 1.

Anyway, what we want to talk about in our blog post today is being able to wage Battlefield 1 war on maps that are set at night. Now it sounds like a kind of weird thing to get excited about, but the Nivelle Nights map really does look incredible. We could not be any more impressed with the level of detail that this map has and we are sure that the fact it is dark will mean that you can play the game more strategically where you can hide and set ambushes as it will be harder for the enemy to see where you are.

As well as Nivelle Nights which is going to be released in June. EA have said that there will be another night time map, Prise de Tahure which is going to be released shortly after the first nigh map.

We have had a ton of fun with Battlefield 1 and so have many other gamers all around the world so it is very exciting to be getting the chance to wage war on a brand new map, but not just any map. A map that may actually be the most gorgeous one in the whole game. The trenches and the lights in the background really do shine and we think EA have done an amazing job.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the Star Wars Shooter We All Wanted

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the Star Wars Shooter We All Wanted

Here at Mods”R” Us, we are huge Star Wars fans and while not perfect, we thought that the first Battlefront had a lot of good ideas, but there was just not enough content, especially at launch. But the new trailer that EA dropped at this year’s E3 blew everyone away.

We would suggest that even people who are not huge Star Wars fans will love this game as it looks like it could be one of the best first/third person shooters of 2017. So what did we see in the new trailer? Well, we saw a ton of multiplayer. 

It looks like they have taken the multiplayer from the first Star Wars game and kicked it up several notches. Bigger battles, more vehicles and lots of brand new characters including Darth Maul who looks like he is going to be a ton of fun to play as. From what was shown it looks like the prequels and the new movie, The Last Jedi are going to be a major focus of the game.

As well as the excellent multiplayer, Battlefront 2 has something that many feel was missing from the first game and that is a single player campaign. So far, the little that we have seen from the campaign, it looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks like it could be one of the most exciting games of the year. Not only is it sure to be a lot of fun to play. Battlefront 2 is one of the most beautiful looking games that us here at have ever seen!

Tips For Gears Of War 4 Horde Mode

Tips For Gears Of War 4 Horde Mode

A couple of our most popular modded controllers are our Blue Modded Xbox One Controller and our 6000 Mode Modded Controllers Xbox One. One of the most popular games that people like to play with our modded controllers is Gears Of War 4. Active Reload is an awesome mod that our Xbox One controllers have and it makes sure you never mess up a reload again! But to help you out a little bit more we a couple of excellent tips for Gears Of War 4 horde mode!

Have The Right Team

Picking the right team to play with is essential for getting far in Horde mode. But knowing what the right team is, is really hard. But one thing we suggest is that you always make sure you have a Scout so that they can collect power which will help with fortifications. Also, you need to have an Engineer so that they can repair fortifications. Adding these two classes to your team will greatly help you get further in horde mode.

Grind On Easy

Look, we know that your pride is telling you to jump into hard mode, but this is a huge mistake. Even for a GOW veteran. You need to be at a decent level before you take on the higher and more difficult levels. No matter how good a Gears Of War player you are. If you try and jump straight into hard mode, you will get wrecked. Use the easier modes to level up your classes. Remember the higher you level up the more cards you can use to improve your characters which will help with the harder game modes! 

Call Of Duty WW2 To Add New War Mode

Call Of Duty WW2 To Add New War Mode

Ok so saying that there is a war mode in the new Call Of Duty WW2 is kind of weird as the whole game is built around war. But one of the new things that has been kind of revealed by Activision is a new multiplayer mode called War Mode.

Not a ton of details have been given about War Mode just yet, but from what little we do know it sounds very interesting. We know that Raven Software are lending a hand in this mode so we have very high hopes for it and are interested to see where it goes.

While this is a multiplayer mode it is going to be a mode that is story driven. We have seen story modes tried to be mixed in with multiplayer shooters before, most notably Titanfall and Destiny and to be fair, we feel that it was an interesting idea and it did work very well.

The Call Of Duty games are very underrated in terms of their campaigns and stories so it is going to be very interesting to see how they mix their storytelling with the multiplayer. From what we gather. Activision hopes that by having a story mode happening while you are playing the multiplayer. That it will pump you up, even more, to make sure that your side wins as it will feel like there is more at stake.

Out of all the things we have heard about Call Of Duty WW2 so far, War Mode is one of the most intriguing.

Call Of Duty WW2 New Multiplayer Details The Divisions

Call Of Duty WW2 New Multiplayer Details: The Divisions!

Here at Mods “R” Us, we could not be any more excited for Call Of Duty WW2. With E3 just about to be upon us. Little details here and there are starting to slip through the cracks. One of the most interesting ones that we have picked up on is the new WW2 Divisions that will be part of multiplayer.

We think that this sounds really cool and should make playing multiplayer that extra bit fun. There are five different divisions that you can play as these are.

Airborne Division

These are the guys who are all about speed and stealth so you have a good mix of run and gun and camping here.

Mountain Division

From what we gather these are the sharpshooters. The guys who are good at hiding and picking people off with the sniper rifle.

Infantry Division

If you do not have a particular kind of style of play and are more of an all-rounder, do a bit of everything then this is the division that you will want to play in.

Armored Division

if you are the kind of player who is all about big damage then this is the team for you. Heavy gear is what this division is known for so bring the pain!

Expeditionary Force

These are equipped with some heavy duty incendiary shells. So while not for everyone in the right hands this could be pretty devastating.

We think that these make the multiplayer in COD WW2 sound very interesting and we look forward to learning more about it. Make sure you check out our PS4 modded controllers and our Xbox One Modded controllers so you have the edge when WW2 is released.


Get Better At Black Ops 3 With These Tips

Get Better At Black Ops 3 With These Tips

As you can see our tricked out and fully modded Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we are all about making sure you have the edge in any first person shooter. Well, today we are helping you out with a few simple tips that will help your Black Ops 3 game!

Keep Playing

As cheesy as it sounds, practice does make perfect when it comes to Call Of Duty. Play as many different maps as you can. Try out all different weapons so you can see which one suits you play style best and remember the more you play the more powerful and awesome weapons you will get.

Learn Your Specialist

One of the things that really makes Black Ops 3 multiplayer so fun is the specialists. There are nine different characters to play as with each one having their own special ability. Have a play around and find which one of these abilities serves you best.

Play As A Team

While speaking to people online can be brutal. Playing as a team is a lot of fun, will make it more likely you will win and it also will help make you a better player as you will play a role and get used to having a real purpose on the battlefield.

These are three pretty basic tips, but honestly, Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 is the kind of game that you have to keep on playing to get better. The more you play the game the better you will get it is as simple as that. Also if you try a gun out and do not have a good game, give it another go as some guns can take a while to get used to.

Getting The Most Out Of Modern Warfare Remastered

Getting The Most Out Of Modern Warfare Remastered

Here at Mods “R” Us, we noticed a lot of people were into our modded PS4 modded controller and our awesome, high-end Xbox One modded controllers. Right around when Modern Warfare Remastered was released. Well, the rumor is it is coming out on its own (so you do not have to buy Infinite Warfare) well to help you out we have a few general tips and thoughts for you on Modern Warfare Remastered.

Do Not Worry About KD Ratio

Far too many people get hung up about their KD ratio in Call Of Duty and that is especially true for Modern Warfare Remastered. People have been playing this game for the better part of a decade now so do not get discouraged if the first few games to not go your way. You will get better over time.

Make Yourself Hard To Hit

Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare have spoiled us by allowing sliding and wall running to avoid being hit. You do not have that luxury with Modern Warfare Remastered. You will have to learn to use the map to help cover you and just get used to basic ducking to hide.

Manage Your Loadout

One of the things many people love about Modern Warfare Remastered is the fact that the loadouts are not as complex as they are in the newer Call Of Duty games. That does not mean you can just pick a random loadout though. You still need to have a play around and experiment to make sure that you are using the loadout that fits your playing style. Practicing with all the different loadouts is a huge part of what makes Modern Warfare Remastered so much fun.

Multi Sniper Quickscopes Gameplay Video Clip Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

Multi Sniper Quickscopes Gameplay Video Clip Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

Xbox One Modded Controllers Ps4 Mod Controller Xb1 360 Ps3

Multi Kill Gameplay Clip Cod black Ops 3

Multi Kills Using Shotty And Sniper rifle Call Of Duty Bo3

Multi Kills Using Shotty And Sniper rifle Call Of Duty Bo3

ModsRus Sniper Rifle Gameplay Clip Call Of Duty bo3

ModsRus Sniper Rifle Gameplay Clip Call Of Duty bo3

Multi Kills Other Side Of Map In Record Time In Call Of Duty Bo3

Multi Kills Other Side Of Map In Record Time In Call Of Duty Bo3

Xbox One Modded Controllers Ps4 Mod Controller Xb1 360 Ps3

Multi Kills Black Ops 3 Gameplay Clip

Sniper Quickscope On Bo3 Gameplay Clip

Sniper Quickscope On Bo3 Gameplay Clip

Infinite Warfare Zombie Gameplay Part 4 Of 4

Infinite Warfare Zombie Gameplay Part 4 Of 4

Infinite Warfare Zombie Gameplay Part 3 Of 4

Infinite Warfare Zombie Gameplay Part 3 Of 4

Infinite Warfare Zombie Gameplay Part 2 Of 4

Infinite Warfare Zombie Gameplay Part 2 Of 4

Infinite Warfare Zombie Gameplay Part 1 Of 4

Infinite Warfare Zombie Gameplay Part 1 Of 4

Xbox One Mod Controllers Ps4 Mod Controllers Call Of Duty Infinite Warfa...

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Gameplay Video

Battlefield 1 Still A Great Time All These Months Later

Battlefield 1 Still A Great Time All These Months Later

Battlefield 1 Is A Great Game

Battlefield 1

Hey guys, while we love to talk about and play a lot of Call Of Duty, we are also huge fans of other first person shooters such as last years, excellent, Battlefield 1. As huge fans of Battlefield, we have put Battlefield 1 through its paces here at the Mods “R” Us office and we certainly think it is one of the better first person shooters to come out in 2016.

The setting is just so vastly different to the other first person shooters that were released in 2016. Setting the game in World War 1 gives you a much different array of weapons and maps to wage war in and it really does make the game stand out. While the single player story may not have been the best (although still pretty decent) it was the multiplayer where Battlefield 1 really shined.

While we love games like Call Of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront and Titanfall. Battlefield is a more thinking man's kind of first person shooter. Sure you can just run and gun all over the map. But to really make sure the team you are on is the victors. You have to play your role, the class system is so well defined and if each person is doing their job properly, you really do feel like an unstoppable unit.

If you are a huge fan of Battlefield one then be sure to check out our great range of modded controllers like this one here for the PlayStation 4 and this one for the Xbox One


Gears Of War 4 The Best Exclusive On Xbox One

Gears Of War 4 The Best Exclusive On Xbox One

Gears Of War 4 Is A Great Game

Gears Of War 4

When people talk about the Xbox One they often talk about how it has a lack of exclusive games. Well, quality is better over quantity and the exclusives that the Xbox One does have are fantastic. But when it comes to the cream of the crop that has to be Gears Of War 4.

It felt like an age since the events of Gears Of War 3 (and that one very traumatizing event in particular) so getting back into the swing of things with the Locust threat supposedly dealt with was a lot of fun. Gears Of War 4, first of all, offers a fantastic story.

It is the perfect mix of old and new. It introduces us to JD who is the son of Marcus Fenix, along with JD’s squad. It also keeps people like Marcus, Baird, and Cole from the original trilogy so you have that perfect blend of the original cast, but the new characters are also very well written and you learn to care about them very quickly.

The only downside to the Gears Of War 4 campaign is that it is over before you know it and it has a damn cliffhanger ending that we are probably going to have to wait a couple of years to get to the bottom of.

Multiplayer in Gears Of War 4 us a ton of fun and we actually have a really cool new Xbox One controller, our, Clear Out Xbox One Controller which with its black and red has a Gears Of War 4 feel and look about it. Multiplayer is great no matter if you are doing something like team death match or you if you are teaming with some friend to take down horde after horde of Locusts!

Gears Of War 4 is awesome and a game that has to be in any Xbox One owners collection.


Give Your Battlefield Team The Edge With Auto Spot

Give Your Battlefield Team The Edge With Auto Spot

Get A Edge With Auto Spot Xbox One Battlefield

Get A Edge With Auto Spot

If you have looked at some of our controllers such as this awesome modded PlayStation 4 controller, we have right here. Then one feature you may have noticed is Auto Spot. For those of you who are just Call Of Duty players (not that there is anything wrong with that) you may be wondering what this is. But for Battlefield 1 players, Auto Spot is a huge feature and just what they will need to give their team the edge in battle.

The way that Auto Spot works is that when you have the mod turned on your controller. Once an enemy has been spotted, they will appear on all your teammate's maps. This means that you have a clear advantage in battle and it will help you get the drop on this unsuspecting enemy! It is actually a lot of fun when you use this and then organize a surprise attack on the enemy. You can even get some extra points everyone and again when you use this just right and take a bad guy down.

We feel that Auto Spot is the kind of mod that does give you the edge in battle. But it is also just so much fun to use. It can help you communicate better with your teammates and it is the best way to stop the enemy from getting the drop on you. It is a feature that any Battlefield 1 player is going to love to make use of. 

Never Slow Down In GOW 4 With Our Active Reload Mod

Never Slow Down In GOW 4 With Our Active Reload Mod

Active Reload Mod Gears Of War

Active Reload Mod Gears Of War

Here at Mods “R” Us, we have just introduced our new and awesome Xbox One Mod Controller Red Zebra which has gotten a lot of positive praise from you guys. One of the mods that we have on this controller which we think is really, really cool is Active Reload. Active Reload is a feature that is used in Gears Of War 4 (and the remake of Gears Of War 

1) where the idea is that if you hit the RB button just at the right time as you are reloading, you will reload much quicker. You mess it up and your reload takes longer.

Our Active Reload mod is just perfect, it really is. If you are playing online, either in a team death match kind of game or taking on a horde with your buddies. Being a master of the Active Reload is quite often the difference between surviving a battle or ending up dead!

You will never have to worry about messing up an Active Reload with this mod! It all happens in real time and each time you reload your weapon, Active Reload will kick in and make sure you get a fast reload so you are ready to blow the enemy away.

We have a lot of fun talking about the different mods that our controllers offer and while most people think of them as something you would use with a first person shooter. The Active Reload mod shows that our controllers work just as well with 3rdperson shooters as well.


Xbox One Mod Controller Red Zebra

Mods"R"Us 6000 Mode Xbox One Mod Controller Red Zebra

We are proud to release our new 6000 mode modded controllers xbox onewe offer most mods ever on a xbox one controller more than on any other modded controller anywhere!
So you can dominate your call of duty opponents online! Guaranteed!

Xbox One Mod Controller Red Zebra

Xbox One Mod Controller Red Zebra

One Year Controller Warranty

Multi Features

Use up to 6 feature mods at once!

Rapid Fire

Our Rapid Fire is the absolute best in the business. It comes standard on every xbox modded controller. This features fully programmable Modes that can be set to any speed you'd like. Just turn on your controller and start killing! It's also set to preset speeds for the most popular games so that your controller is ready to use the moment you take it out of the box.

Duel Rapid Fire

To use Dual Rapid Fire scroll to mode 1 of your controller. Dual Rapid Fire will make dual weapons both shoot with rapid fire when the left and right triggers are pulled.


JumpShot will make your player jump off the ground as soon as you pull the right trigger. The longer you hold the trigger, the higher he will jump. This comes in handy in many games other than Call of Duty. Because of the way this feature is designed, it fits in with almost any playing style. Multiple trigger presses allows you to control the height that your player jumps.

Jitter Fire

Jitter Fire allows your weapons that fire in a burst pattern to fire as a fully automatic machine gun. This feature comes in handy when you are in need of heavy hip firing tactics. Most burst fire guns are strong but are severely limited by there fire speed due to the pause. Jitter Fire will remove that pause and allow you to unload on your opponents.

Quick Aim

Quick Aim will aim your weapon automatically as soon as you pull the trigger to fire your weapon. With this feature you'll no longer need to pull the left trigger to aim when you are in battle. We've found that the small difference in timing has a huge affect on your Kill to Death ratio. You won't want to play without this feature ever again.

Auto Burst

Auto Burst works similar to the burst fire feature but takes it a step further. Auto Burst will continually burst fire your rapid fire weapon. It will turn any weapon into a weapon that fires in bursts. This will save ammunition throughout the course of your game and also increases accuracy of most weapons. It also times well with rapid fire weapons so that they have the perfect number of shots without shooting to many to get the kill. This feature comes standard with our all mod controllers.

Easy Sprint

Easy Sprint will allow you to sprint without pushing the left joystick in every time you want to sprint. With Easy Sprint, all you'll need to do to sprint is lightly tap the left trigger without ever removing any fingers from there position on the controller. This is the most natural feeling way to sprint. You will never turn this feature off!

Quick Reload

Quick Reload will shorten the length of your reload times when you use the X button to reload. By taking advantage of an animation difference in the game, your controller will give you the ability to reload your guns at perk level speed. We have also developed this feature better than any other company. You can set Quick Reload by simply reloading your gun each time instead of pausing the game, entering multiple programming modes and then saving like our competitors. Your controller handles all of that at real time while you are mid game.

Auto Spot

Auto Spot will automatically place spot markers on enemies within aim when the left trigger is pulled in all Battlefield games that use spot marking. You'll never need to spot a player again. Turn Auto Spot on and play as you normally would. Forget about needing to mark enemies forever! Your controller will take care of every spot mark needed.

Active Reload

 Active Reload will perfectly time your active reloads when the right bumper button is used to reload. For Gears of War players, you will soon be asking your self how you ever played without this feature. With our mod controllers, you will never miss an active reload again. It's as simple as that. We developed this feature very similar to our Quick Reload feature so that it all happens in real time during your game.

DropShot (LT Cancel)

When DropShot is on your player will automatically drop to the ground as soon as you start to fire and automatically stand back up when you stop. Our tests have shown that on average you'll avoid 65% of your enemies shots with this feature alone. On top of that, we've added an additional function that will save you kills. When you are holding the left trigger, your player will not drop to the ground. This allows you to complete a kill without falling to the ground and taking your aim off your target.


Mimic mode takes our already state of the art Dual Rapid Fire feature and makes it better. With Dual Rapid Fire, you still have to pull both triggers taking your focus off the game for a split second. With Mimic you'll only need to pull the right trigger and both of your guns will rapid fire. We've found this feature to be a huge benefit during close range battle.


This feature is another one of our fully adjustable features that make our controllers who they are. With Adjustable QuickScope, you can set your QuickScope timing for any sniper rifle. Try doing that with another Modded Controller. Then, as soon as you pull the left trigger to aim, your controller will automatically aim and fire with perfect timing.

Auto-Aim Zombies

Auto Aim Zombies all make your aim automatically snap onto the closest enemy and stay locked on. Try it out early in a Call of Duty Zombies games. As soon as you start aiming your gun will follow the zombie as he walks. *This Mode only works for Call of Duty Zombies.

Sniper Breath

Sniper Breath is essential for any sniper player. When you are in Sniper Breath Mode your player will automatically hold his breath for you as soon as you start aiming. This puts your focus 100% on getting the kill. Plus if you have to go in and out of aiming quickly, it does the work for you!

Reset a Mode to Default

To reset the mode you are in to it’s default settings, hold the right trigger and tap “up” on the D-Pad.

Adjusting Rapid Fire Speed

To increase or decrease the speed of any mode, hold the right trigger and tap "up" or “down” on the D Pad.

Changing Modes

You can change modes by going up a mode or by going down a mode. To go up one mode, hold the Mod button and tap “up” on the D Pad. To go down one mode, hold the Mod button and tap “down” on the D Pad.

Reset to Factory Settings

To reset your controller back to it’s factory settings, hold the left trigger and tap “up” on the D Pad.


Your controller will automatically save every setting as you do it. You can remove the battery pack at any time and your settings will always be saved.

Mode Memory

Your controller will remember the last mode you were in when you shut off your controller. When you turn your controller on, it will automatically enter that mode.

Modded Combinations

*The modded combinations and features of our xbox one controllers allow for thousands of easy to use settings. They work around patches and updates so you will not have to worry about buying new controller in the future! Its Future proof!

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